Lighting the Way for Beautiful Landscapes

Lighting the Way for Beautiful Landscapes

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Lighting the Way for Beautiful Landscapes

May 25, 2014

A landscape without proper lighting is like a dark forest; no one can see its beauty. Because of its visual benefits, landscape lighting is becoming a popular outdoor feature among homeowners. Based on a recent survey, a huge percentage of homeowners want to light up their landscapes.

outdoor patio lighting - landscape lighting


Lights lead a person’s eyes to specific places. Because of this, strategically placed landscape lights can help highlight the best features and other elements you want your visitors to see in your outdoor landscape. Perhaps, you want to highlight your latest garden art or you simply want visitors to notice the beautiful patio you’ve just installed in your garden.


Landscaping lights are not just for making your outdoor area more visible. With the right placement, they can also be used to enhance your garden’s beauty. If you are a bit bored with the look of your garden, you can change it up by adding lighting. Also, lighting is not only good for night viewing. Some light designs utilize solar rays that help add more color to your garden during daylight. Adding landscape lights is an excellent way to enhance visual appeal and produce a new look for your garden.


Unlike traditional lighting, landscape lighting uses less energy so you won’t have to worry about huge increases in your monthly utility bills. The majority of landscape lighting systems utilize LED lights which have been scientifically proven to consume up to five times less energy than your usual house light bulbs. Also, modern landscape light designs make them easy to hardwire for easy installation.


In most cases, landscape lighting can act as security lights as well. Having lights on in your garden allows you to take a look at your outdoor landscape by simply peering out your window. Also, criminals are less likely to intrude upon a house with a well-lit landscape area compared to one without light. Therefore, consider installing lighting on your landscape area to increase home security.

If you want to make your garden more visible at night and enhance its visual appeal then landscape lighting might just what you need. You can get other benefits from lighting up your garden as well. To start lighting up your landscape area, get in touch with Botanical Concepts Chicago for price estimates and location assessment.

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