8 Tips for Enhancing Fall Curb Appeal

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It’s hard to match the natural color and wonder of changing leaves. Greens slowly melt into bright hues of oranges and browns. However, there is still plenty of fall landscaping requiring your attention. Here are eight tips to maintain your home during the fall and enhance its curb appeal.

Tip 1: Rake It Up

One of the first things everyone notices in the fall are the leaves. If you have a massive amount of leaves on your lawn, it may appear that you aren’t vested in the upkeep of your yard. However, if you keep your yard clear of leaves, it shows that you are passionate about your lawn.

Tip 2: Evergreens Contrast Fall Colors

Landscaping design is about enhancing natural beauty. Planting evergreens along side deciduous trees provides a wonderful contrast. This trick enhances the “before green” and “after orange” colors to illustrate the season.

Tip 3: Replace Flowers with Fall Varieties

As flowers end their season, it may be time to replace them with new ones. For instance, adding fall colored mums add a touch of refinement and elegance.

Tip 4: Accent Your Front Door with a Fall Wreath

Alongside flowers, adding a fall wreath to the front door helps accent the season. This touch is a subtle nod to both the fall and the upcoming holiday season. The trick is to verify that the colors of the wreath contrast against your door.

Tip 5: Clean the Exterior of the House 

As the leaves fall off the trees, more of your home may be exposed. This may require some additional cleaning and touching up that was missed during the spring and summer seasons.

Tip 6: Clean the Gutters

Falling leaves become stuck in your gutters, which can lead to long term damage. When the leaves are peaking out of the top of the gutters, it’s a sign that the house is in need of a thorough gutter cleaning. Keeping the gutters clean helps increase water flow and drainage away from the property to protect the health of the home.

Tip 7: Add Outdoor Lighting

Shorter days also mean longer nights. That means that you get more value out of outdoor lighting. Placing a few extra lights can make a home inviting to visit during evening hours.

Tip 8: More is Less on Decorations

The final tip is that more is less when it comes to decorations. With Halloween and other events happening, it’s easy to go overboard with fall landscaping. Instead, only put out decorations that complement the tone and elegance of your landscape. Selecting the right fall containers can have a significant impact on the seasonal aesthetic without compromising the beauty of the yard.

Every home is different and building optimum fall curb appeal can require a trained eye. If you want our opinion on your specific home, please contact us.

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