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Create a Winning Outdoor Space this Football Season

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Sports bars and well-outfitted living rooms definitely have their time and place, but as we gear up for the 2014 NFL season, how amazing would it be to watch the game outdoors? Outside your house, you’re one step closer to Soldier field, and you can get some fresh air and watch the game both at the same time. Of course, you’ll need a few essentials like seating and an outdoor TV or projector, but beyond that, the possibilities are infinitely customizable and completely up to you.

Outdoor Entertaining in Chicago


The first consideration for your outdoor entertainment space is your choice of screening options. An HD projector gives you the leeway to have a much larger screen than would be possible with a TV. Projector screens can also be electronically retractable into the ground or behind a bench for added convenience. A large flat-screen TV, however, is much better suited to watching during the day, given that a projected image can appear dim and washed out in overly bright conditions. For the most realistic experience possible, you may want to invest in a built-in audio system, too.


In the world of outdoor cooking, you would be hard-pressed to make a case for any feature more important than a grill. A close second would be the fridge, which can be miniature or full-sized, following your preference. Other additions like sinks, ovens, stovetops, and microwaves can be handy, too, depending on what you plan to use the space for—and how you like to serve up your BBQ wings.


A beer, or a glass of scotch, maybe? Football viewing and bars seem to have an ancient historical connection. You can stay with the classic fridge full of beer and soda, or ditch the sports bar for good and recreate it back in your backyard. Bar stools can provide overflow seating for parties, too.


Football season starts comfortably enough, but by the time late October rolls around, you may need a bit of extra warmth get in another couple of months of outdoor enjoyment. One classic feature that can be put in to accomplish this is a gas fireplace—either free standing, behind a sheet of glass, or in a fire pit structure. You can also go with standing patio heaters, or a whole range of other heating options that can keep you surprisingly warm as Chicago cools down in the fall.

Ultimately, the options for constructing your personal outdoor media center come down to your personal preferences. To start the process of putting any or all of these entertainment features into your own outdoor space, consult with a hardscape & outdoor design specialist. Get in touch with Botanical Concepts Chicago for more info.

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