Extend the Season with an Outdoor Fireplace

Extend the Season with an Outdoor Fireplace

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Extend the Season with an Outdoor Fireplace

May 09, 2014

Besides providing warmth and ambiance, outdoor fireplaces also help transform your outdoor space into a comfortable living and relaxation area. Outdoor fireplaces can allow you to enjoy the outdoors during gatherings despite chilly or cold weather.

Outdoor Fireplace in Landscape Design Chicago

As a design anchor, an outdoor fireplace tends to be the place where elements of outdoor living and furniture are centered. The location of your fireplace is an important consideration when planning to build one. Decide whether you prefer your fireplace further in the backyard or just adjacent to your home. It can also be installed on a deck. All of these choices can be influenced by factors such as the size of your yard or the source of power for your fireplace (i.e. natural gas, wood or even propane). A natural gas powered fireplace does not necessarily have to be installed adjacent to your home, as it is fed with a gas line from the house. Those powered by wood and propane are portable structures that can be placed anywhere in your outdoor space. Choosing the best location for your fireplace also requires you to consider other factors such as wind direction, local building codes and privacy. Chimney height of your fireplace and zoning regulations can also influence your location.

There are many materials available for your fireplace. This gives you a variety of options to choose from including marble, fire resistant glass, as well as stone. Factors that will influence the size of the fireplace for your backyard includes the amount of heat you wish to enjoy, your entertainment needs and the scale of your yard. Selecting the best seating option for your comfort will help maximize the enjoyment of your new fireplace. These seating options include permanent built-in seating and movable patio furniture.

With various options for size, type, design and finish, outdoor fireplaces can be a unique blend of your personal style. Some of the most popular fireplaces styles include traditional, Mediterranean, southwest and modern styles. Learn more about the features of each of the options and narrow down to the right one for your backyard. Your landscape designers can help you select the right features and options for your outdoor fireplace, ensuring that your selection is able to withstand high temperature and is resistant to weather while being easy to maintain and clean.

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