Irrigation Systems: An Insurance Policy for a New Garden

blooms on walkway landscaping and irrigation

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All plants need water, but it is especially important for a newly-planted garden. To make sure that your plants get off to a good start and have an opportunity to root properly, they need to be properly nourished and hydrated. Installing a new landscape can be expensive, therefore you want to make sure your investment isn’t wasted. You can insure that your new landscaping has the best foundation and the best chances to grow and thrive by installing an irrigation system.

blooms on walkway landscaping and irrigation

Because it is so vital that new plants are watered, you shouldn’t rely on natural rainfall to provide enough water to your landscaping. Rain is inconsistent and undependable. You could commit yourself to daily watering by hand, but it is easy to forget or get busy. Plus, most gardening experts agree that the best time of day to water your garden is first thing in the morning. This timing doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule. You can have peace of mind that the watering will get done when you want and as often as you want by using an irrigation system.

Before you install an in-ground irrigation system, you should know what kind of grass and soil you have in your yard. If your soil contains more clay, for example, you don’t need to water as frequently, but if you have sandy soil, water drains away more quickly so you will want to water more often. Likewise, some types of grass are more drought-tolerant while others need to drink often. If you use an irrigation system, you have more control over the moisture content of your garden.

Another benefit to using irrigation systems is that they can help homeowners use less water, as contradictory as it sounds. Hand watering with a hose wastes large amounts of water and can increase your water bill. If you are on the fence about installing an irrigation system because of the initial cost, consider this: most homeowners recoup the cost of the irrigation system on water saving, and this happens quicker than they typically expect.

Further, an irrigation system is more eco-friendly because it conserves water. You will experience the optimal amount of moisture to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and thriving, while protecting our most precious natural resource.

When you plant new plants, deep and thorough watering is the best way to give the roots a healthy start. During the first year with your new landscaping, the plants should be watered every day or every other day, using enough water to completely moisten the soil. After a few weeks, you can cut back to watering twice a week unless the soil becomes extremely dry.

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