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Traditionally, fences were used to keep things out – like nosey neighbors and door-to-door salesmen – or to keep things in – like your children and your dog. Fences also play an important role in providing safety and security. A tall, solid fence keeps out prying eyes and deters would-be robbers. But fences serve in another capacity as well. They can be decorative, adding a finishing touch to your home’s exterior and setting a backdrop to your gardens and landscaping. A fence can add to the curb appeal of you home and enhance the charm of the house. Here are a few suggestions on fencing options that can add curb appeal to a house.

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Picket Fence

There is something quintessentially American about a white picket fence. It is an iconic representation of the American dream. A picket fence circling a home’s front yard adds a homey, whimsical feel to the house and it makes it more warm and inviting to guests. Add to the picket fence a cute gate and you’ll have charm overload. Low enough to show off the house, but tall enough to keep the dog in the yard, picket fences today come in more colors than just white, and can be wooden or vinyl.

Wrought Iron

Black wrought iron fencing adds a touch of classic elegance and sophistication. It just has a sense of historic opulence to it. It comes by that reputation honestly…wrought iron fencing has been used for hundreds of years and can be found at some of the world’s stateliest homes and manors. Wrought iron is strong, durable, and solid, but it can be made to appear charming by contrasting it with blooming rose bushes or wild flowers. This style of fencing is available in a variety of designs, most including scrolls and twists for a stylish look. Although black is the traditional color of wrought iron, it is not uncommon to see this fencing style in white or green.

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Privacy Panels

Tall wooden or vinyl privacy fencing secludes your home from your neighbors but it can also be beautiful and decorative. Today’s privacy fences are available in a wide array of styles and colors. Some have lattice-work along the top and others are capped with unique finials or outdoor lights. The panels themselves vary in style. Some mimic the look of a horse stable and others are more sophisticated and modern in appearance. Colors range greatly as well. Privacy fencing is available in any color – brown, black, white, green, red — and can be chosen to complement the trim of the house. Laser panels are a hot new trend in privacy panels as well.

Split Rail

For a rustic, country feel, split rail fencing is ideal. It is low and open, but does a nice job of delineating property lines and framing a country home. Any type of wood can be used for the rails and, although most are kept in their natural state, some are painted to complement the house. Split rail fencing is fairly low-maintenance and has longevity to it. In many colonial and pioneer homes, the original split rail fencing is still in place, although occasional rails may have been replaced.

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