Stonescaping: Building a Patio

Patio Installation

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Patios are great outdoor entertainment spaces that are usually constructed along the side or behind a home. They are great for get togethers with friends and family, or just a quiet morning reading with a cup of coffee. Botanical Concepts can take your ideas and design a unique space that will compliment your home.

Building a patio allows you to extend your living space into the outdoors. With so many different styles, shapes and stones to choose from, it can seem like a daunting task. This blog aims to provide you with more information about the styles and types of patios available.

Check out these before and after pics to see how a new patio can transform a backyard…


Before Patio Installation


Patio Installation


Patio Materials

Permeable Pavers

In addition to their ability to aesthetically transform your outdoor patio design, permeable pavers also are environmentally friendly. These pavers help reduce stormwater runoff and help slowly release water preventing over saturation in the ground, replenishing local waterways between storms.


These natural looking and earth toned stones are a great option for patios. You can either include irregular flagstones for a more informal look, or elevate the style to a more formal look by choosing cut flagstones that are laid in a pattern.

Patio Styles

Dry Set Patios

Dry laid or dry set patios have a gravel base allowing for greater drainage, along with a layer of stone dust or sand to ensure the decorative top stones or pavers are level. The joints of the decorative stones are often filled with stone dust, pea gravel, sand or polymeric sand.

Wet Set Patios

Veneered or wet set patios have a concrete slab base over gravel and contain wire mesh or rebar in the concrete. The decorative top stones can then be mortared or veneered onto the base, and joints filled solid with mortar.

Patio Sizes and Shapes

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, and often a more organic shape is desired. Your options are only limited by your imagination and space. There are advantages and disadvantages to both dry and wet set patios, which depend heavily on the application and location. An experienced stonescaper can help you determine the best option for your patio.

Patio Accessories


Patio walls can be added to enhance the design of your outdoor living space. Patio walls may be decorative, functional or both. Whether you need more seating with a bench wall, or to simply create sections on your patio, adding patio walls can help you achieve your design goal.

Water Features

Water features can add visual interest, soothing sounds and white noise to drown out a busy street or neighborhood.  Waterfalls and water walls can also be used much like walls to balance out the design of your outdoor space or create clear sections.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

More than just an amazing focal point, fire pits can add extra seating during the summer months and can help extend the season during colder months. From pizza ovens to parrillas and dual use ovens/fireplaces, these additions can create a relaxed and cozy outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.


Besides being a beautiful addition to a patio, pergolas also create much needed shade on hot summer days.

Patio Installation

Many people choose to have their patio installed in spring or summer, but different seasons provide unique advantages. While the advantages to installing your new patio in the spring and summer may be more obvious, we’ll share a few reasons installing during the fall and early winter may be advantageous as well. Here’s a list of reasons why you may want to install your patio now:

  1. Timing. Backyard installations completed during the fall and early winter months allow you to avoid disrupting your backyard during the height of use in the spring and summer. Additionally, spring rains make for a muddy installation. While digging at any time of the year will make a bit of mess, many prefer to take advantage of this slower use season for major installations.
  2. Damage to Landscaping. As much of your vegetation will already be dormant during the winter months, this can be an ideal time to install your patio without fear of disrupting or damaging your landscaping.
  3. Earlier Use. Instead of losing part of your spring or summer to construction, you will be able to more immediately enjoy the benefits of your new patio when the weather is perfect!
  4. Use It in the Winter. With many infrared heating options, fire pits and outdoor fireplace options, you can enjoy your new patio during any season. So, if your construction is complete and the weather is still a little chilly, just light up your outdoor fireplace and enjoy.
  5. Contractors. While others typically wait until spring and summer to begin their outdoor projects, those who begin in the fall and winter find that it’s easier to reach otherwise busy contractors. During the high season, it can sometimes take weeks or months to begin building your new patio. Installing in the fall may mean quicker service and sometimes even lower prices.

Botanical Concepts works with our clients to plan each project, select materials, accessories and anything else needed to make their project a success. Reach out to us and get your next project started!

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