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Synthetic Turf is Good for the Sole(s)

Synthetic Turf in Outdoor Landscaping

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There are few things that compare to the smell of a freshly mown lawn, or the cool, damp feel of soft grass on bare feet in mid-summer.  But is all of the expense and effort of mowing, fertilizing, and watering really worth it?  Grass cultivation also has an enormous environmental impact, whether it be from carbon-inefficient gas powered lawnmowers or from fertilizer runoff that spills into the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans.  Although grass remains a good option for many yards, more and more people use synthetic grass as an alternative that can save a great deal of money, effort, and possibly reduce one’s carbon footprint.  While synthetic grass has its cons, it can be an extremely viable alternative in a number of applications, including areas where growing grass isn’t an option.

Synthetic Turf in Outdoor Landscaping


Many of its advantages are obvious; synthetic grass requires almost no maintenance, it saves tons of fresh water, and it requires no weeding, no fertilizer, and no pesticides.  But what many people forget to mention when discussing synthetic grass is how aesthetically beautiful it can be in the right applications.

Usually people describe grass as beautiful when it’s freshly cut.  And when people notice the fresh-cut look of artificial grass, they don’t tend to be able to tell that it’s artificial until they actually step on it and hear that it makes a slightly different sound under their feet.  Further, synthetic grass is always thriving, always green, and never overgrown by weeds.  People often claim aesthetic differences as an argument against synthetic grass—but with different length options and variegated dark and light strands, newer styles of synthetic grass offer a gorgeously real look.


Hourly maintenance costs, water bills, and fertilizer are unnecessary costs where synthetic grass is an option.  In many cases, artificial grass pays for itself in a matter of just a few years.  Although the startup cost can be substantial, over time it’s an investment that pays off with each year of reduced maintenance.

Artificial grass is also extremely hard to damage.  If you have children or if you use your lawn for games like badminton, golf or croquet, artificial grass can handle higher traffic, regardless of recent weather activity.  This durability also means fewer injuries that usually result from large slippery patches of mud, potholes, rocks, or uneven playing surfaces.


One great application for synthetic grass in the Chicago metro area is in rooftop gardens.  With no need to import soil or create irrigation systems and the addition of a modern yet soft and natural look, synthetic grass is a beautiful addition to any rooftop.  The same is true for courtyards, where it can be hard to get enough sunlight for standard grass to thrive.  To begin adding synthetic turf with that perfectly maintained look to your landscape area, consult with a landscape specialist.  Get in touch withBotanical Concepts Chicago for estimates and location assessment.

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