Top Urban Landscaping Trends of 2018

Whether you are looking to update your yard, you are in the process of building a new home, or you like knowing the latest trends, you may be curious about what is currently popular in urban landscaping. Recent years have seen a shift in what is popular in landscaping particularly in urban settings, as people look to make their outdoor spaces more useful and environmentally friendly. According to recent surveys, here is a quick overview of the most popular urban landscaping trends in 2018.

Native Plants

As Americans become more aware of their impact on the environment, there has been a push amongst homeowners to do what they can to lessen their carbon footprint and to conserve resources. In terms of landscaping, this has led to an increase in the popularity of native/drought tolerant landscaping. Particularly in urban settings, many lawns are being replaced with native and/or drought-tolerant plants that require little watering and help support native wildlife. In areas affected by drought, succulents and cacti are becoming increasingly popular plants for residential landscaping.

Multi-Functional Spaces

In many urban areas, traditional lawns are also being replaced by multi-functional spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Rather than having just a simple lawn, many homeowners are opting for outdoor living spaces including outdoor kitchens, TV’s, fire pits, and furniture. This allows homeowners to transform rarely used outdoor spaces into the ideal location for parties, movie nights, or even a relaxing place to work. This has the combined benefit of reducing water consumption while also making a home’s outdoor space more functional.

Colors Are In

While residential and commercial landscaping has been predominantly green and bland in recent years, particularly in urban settings, 2018 has seen the emergence of color in landscaping. More landscapes are being transformed by plants that add vibrant pops of color including colorful flowers and grasses. In particular, purple seems to be the color of the year with landscape professionals adding shades of violet, verbena, and iris to their landscape designs.


2018 is seeing new trends emerge in urban landscape designcontact us to learn more about these trends as well as for advice on transforming your outdoor space.

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